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Why is Bessen Actuarial Services unique?
Full-Service Thirdy-Party Administration For Qualified Retirement Plans

No client is a “small client”. My entire client base consists of companies with few or no employees.

I specialize in Defined Benefit Plans. My attention is not drawn away to the growing number of issues affecting other types of plans.

You work directly with an Enrolled Actuary, from start to finish, who’s not only certified professionally, but will keep a focus on your particular issues and objectives, and keep you up-to-date on future funding opportunities.

Why choose Bessen Actuarial Services?

At the typical TPA, four different people will provide these services: (1) “sign you up” for a plan, (2) draft the specific plan provisions, (3) manage your “account” and review results, and (4) do the calculations and prepare the reports.

My philosophy is that all these services need the continuity of being serviced by one person – perhaps not the case for all types of retirement plans – but certainly for small-business Defined Benefit Plans.

Take comfort in knowing that when you contact Bessen Actuarial Services, you’re dealing with someone who already knows you. Know that your retirement plan considerations are being taken care of, so you can focus on your business.